Thursday, September 21, 2006

Absolving Myself of Responsibility

Okay, I'll just go ahead and admit it. I am over my blog. I am just not interested in posting. It feels vain in both the self-absorbed way, and in the pointless way. And I have run out of funny ways to say, 'Drank a whole bottle of wine on my own last night. Spent all day in the library listening to old men snort. Watched 6 consecutive hours of America/Britain's Next Top Model.'

But, I still like to comment on other people's blogs. So I am going to try an interactive approach, because I think that despite my incredibly controlling ways, I may actually be somewhat of a team player. Like if I was a superhero, I would need to be one of the X-Men, because if I was Batman I would just get bored and sort of stop caring about saving Gotham and just sit around Wayne Manor forcing Alfred to make me Martinis until Robin and Batgirl showed up and kicked my ass into shape.

So, in honour of the fact that I have been watching at least an hour of LivingTV every night, I present this question to you: if you were in the Fab Five (of Queer Eye), which would you be? I think I would be Ted, the food man, but I am uncertain (again, with the controlling-- the only one of them I would allow to do it all for me would be Kyan, because I just don't really *get* the whole beauty-routine thing enough to worry about letting someone who is obviously fabulously capable do it all for me). The options, for the less well-versed (who say, do other stuff than watch re-runs all evening), would be: Food and Wine; Fashion; Home Interiors; Grooming; and the useless 'Culture' man-wench, who I can't see the point for. Fab Four is also alliterative.

This way, if y'all don't comment, I can leave my blog to die in peace, but pretend that it was YOUR neglect that killed it,not mine.