Monday, August 14, 2006

Eat Wild Boar

So, my blog sloth has been such that I can't really even begin to excuse it with 'I was away...' or 'I have a lot of work to do...' or 'I felt kind of uninspired...' All these things are true, but I can't really imagine that anyone cares. But, here is a run-down of some things that happened since the beginning of June, which I am only bothering to recount because my pirated copy of word is doing the little rainbow swirly thing that means it is going to mysteriously shut down, but until then it won't let me get on with my work:
I made a massive pork roast that had cooked so deliciously in its own fatty goodness that it almost fell off the bone when I tried to carve it. It made me want to cry with joy.
I went back to California for about a month. The highlight of this was either: a) my sister's new puppy, Finnigan; b) the new place that has opened up in Santa Barbara that serves a vast selection hot dogs (including miniature corn dogs) and only hot dogs; c) sleeping on a mouse and therefore murdering it while camping; d) a trip to Mexico which involved staying at a house that was exactly like a Bond villian shag-pad; or e) a friend's wedding. Actually, I am not even going to try to lie-- the puppy was the best bit. He is just about the cutest thing ever.
Jeff passed his Viva.
I read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials triology, which was excellent, and is now present high on my Favourite Children's Literature list.
I tried to convince my parents to buy a house on Loch Tummel, and perhaps could have succeeded, except that someone else bought the house first.
I went through 22 academic books in three weeks in order to prepare for my research trip to Belfast next week.
I discovered the excellence that is wild boar meat, which in the last two weeks has become a staple item in my cooking.
I have managed to prove how incapable I am at turning the last two months into any sort of cohesive or interesting blog entry, and therefore may have succeeded in keeping anyone from encouraging me to write anything else.


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