Sunday, June 11, 2006

Grown-up Stuff

Last night began what promises to be a full year of non-stop wedding action (as in 5 in only about twice as many months), and whereas before I felt freaked out by the grown-up-ness of it all, I am now actually really excited: Ali and Helen's wedding was absolutely lovely, and has worked miracles to clear away the anxiety of many of my best friends getting engaged all at the same time. It was wonderful to see them together, obviously ecstatic, it was wonderful to see their families together, all having a great time, it was wonderful to meet so many really good people. And I drank myself to the point that I was even able to walk home wearing my heels, and someone else paid.

Until last night I hadn't actually been to a wedding ceremony in 20 years-- the last time I was the flower girl, and the most important person in the wedding party, for I wore a white dress with a lot of lace and a hoop skirt-- and I was reminded of a few things: a) that I don't like church that much, but that b) if I have to go to church and wash my soul clean, it is best to do it at a wedding service. And also that Protestant churches deliberately trick unsuspecting Catholics by changing just a couple words of the Lord's Prayer, but I *think* only Jeff noticed how my confidence faltered around the tricksy debts/trespasses section.

Also reassuring was that we were seated at the kids' table at the reception-- not really, but we were the only table without any parents, etc., so our table got the drunkest. We win.


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