Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Moral Dilemma

Okay, not so much moral. More sartorial, but perhaps it is a question about sartorial morality. Sort of like yesterday. And don't even TRY to judge me for talking about shoes two days in a row. I turned in my first chapter today, so I deserve a prize, and I am getting money back on my taxes, so I can afford them. I'll try to cook something disasterous this weekend and make up for all the talk of shoes later.

So, there are two pairs of ballet flats (Keith, you can pretend they are loafers, as 'ballet flats' probably won't mean much to you and will keep you from giving your opinion). Do you buy the black leather, which are simple and sophisticated, and go with lots of stuff? OR, do you buy the leopard ones, which have the same classic line and exceptional craftsmanship, but are way more fabulous? I guess the choice is this: Audrey Hepburn, or Elizabeth Taylor? (Both in their heyday, please-- we will have no talk of necrophilia or friends of Jackson here)

Let me know...


Blogger OrkneyDullard said...

I don't know about ballet flats, but I do know that every single pair of shoes I've bought in the past two years has been brown. Every. Last. One.

Sartorially speaking, I don't have a leg to stand on. (But if I did, it'd be tastefully shod in muted brown leather.)

5:28 PM  
Blogger TooBlue said...

Black. What in the name of GOD are you going to wear with leopard? And remember, black, like Hepburn, is timeless, whilst leopard, like Taylor, ends up in the C-C-Crazy section of the Inquirer by next season. Ick. For that matter, why ballet flats at all? You should be able to wear heels at your advanced age, particularly since it's not icy anymore. Finally, thank you for posting and congrats on the thesis milestone.

6:45 PM  
Blogger dev said...

Ah-- see, there is a method to my madness. The ballet flats are necessary because I have two pair of trousers that I enjoy very much, but which are not long enough to be worn with anything heeled. And unfortunately they are both from the Gap, where I don't buy my trousers anymore, because a) they are made for midgets, and b) they are made by malicious midgets, who fail to add enough inside cuff to have the tiny short trousers taken down. I used to wear both these trousers with my black loafers (my sister refers to them as 'scholarly', which I enjoy), but I have worn these out, and wanted something a little more springy before I replace the loafers in the fall.
And I bought the leopard, as your advice came too late for me. I figure everything I could wear the black with I can probably wear the leopard with, as long as I continually reassure myself that I am chic and eccentric, not just wearing unmatching shoes. But the truth is, I actually can't wear them much of anywhere right now, since it snowed this weekend and is meant to rain all week.
As for Liz v. Audrey-- I think they were both super in their heyday, but I hope I look forward to neither of their fates. Bat-shit crazy and confined to my bed? Dead at 60 from complications of a life of starvation? No, thank you. I'll take Sophia Loren, instead. She's like a hundred years old and still so hot it makes my eyes hurt.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While its nice to have you blogging again dev, I am a bit alarmed at the raw brain energy that all of you are expending on clothes. Whilst I am aware I am opening myself up to an obvious comeback I think what you have each written here is more than I have ever thought about what to wear ( except at Vegas of course )

think you should be careful with your thoughts on shoes as well OD, I still remember the imelda marcos of the flat


9:06 PM  
Blogger TooBlue said...

Sophia Loren, uberfox and millenial MILF that she is, would not deign to wear leopard print. Unless it was 1953 and it was REAL leopard and it was still ok to do so in a Felliniesque kind of way. I think Felliniesque is a bit of a stretch for E'burgh, but whatever, they're your feet. :-)

9:08 PM  
Blogger dev said...

Lucky for me my brain is rather large.
Lucky for you I am feeling magnanimous. And so, despite the fact that you more or less painted a target on your front and a kick me sign on your back (even when I said "I just turned in my chapter, don't judge!"), I'll let it go. Cheap shots are, well, cheap, and I think you meant well, though 'twas smug.

10:14 PM  

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