Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I am Prince Philip

I took the Are You A Chaveller? Quiz today on the Guardian website. I didn't really expect to be told I was a 'chaveller,' whom budget airlines have apparently set free on the world (by 'world' I mean Greek resorts where you start your mornings with a full English and end the night drinking Stella, or the Costa del Sol): for me the combination of being a bit spoiled, a total snob (while I am aware, I am not sure it makes it any better), and not having a many opportunities to travel as I would like (which would ALL THE TIME, by the way) has made me terrifically (self?-) conscious about making sure my holiday time is as efficiently culturally-enlightening as possible. Granted, I have managed to convince myself that 'culture' consists only of the things I like best: food, art, books that are tangentially related to the destination's history (preferrably in romance-novel format disguised as that smuttiest of genres: the historical novel), and most of all, booze.

What I also didn't expect was this:
Are you a chaveller?
Au contraire! You are either Prince Philip or someone very like him - possibly the offspring of two cousins. Travelling for you is a bit like padding around the estate and checking all is well with the vassals. The world is, alas, no longer entirely yours alone, but you still own enough of it to retreat somewhere nice when less suitable travellers threaten to spoil the view.

I honestly laughed to so hard that I almost choked on my baked potato (not with beans, you pleb. With home-made horseradish-creme fraiche-apple sauce and a watercress salad-- I have a reputation to keep up, it seems).

The hyperlink is still MIA, but you can take the quiz, too:,9037,495455,00.html?Q_21102=216201&Q_21104=216204&Q_21106=216207&Q_21108=216171&Q_21110=216216&Q_21112=216173&Q_21114=216177&Q_21116=216210&Q_21118=216189&Q_21120=216213

Oooh. That's a long one. Maybe just go straight to and click on the nice, red 'Travel' button in the centre...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't a chaveller either but my commentary started 'oh dear not a chance' ( probably a step or two down from prince philip )


5:50 PM  
Blogger TooBlue said...

Hah! Me too, though I question the assertion that I hold a "post-60s hippy, baby-booming sensibility." A little... maybe. And just be thankful, Dev, that you're a Prince Phillip and not a Prince Albert. *hee*

And people don't really eat potatoes with those nasty Heinz beans on them, do they? I'm not sure if I'm really ready to move over there.

10:09 PM  

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